The best advanced rotational moulding technology on the Asian continent 

Since its establishment in 2007, Simplast India has proven to be a company in continuous growth, a benchmark not only for the Asian market, but also a hub for the diffusion of rotational moulding technology, still little-known to India and its neighbouring countries.
In a very short time, Simplast India has gone from the production of a single pieces for individual customers to the over 50 solutions currently in production, tripling the number of machines and going from 11 to 80 employees. This success story is based on reliability and the quality of the work carried out, the financial stability of the Simplast Group of which the company is part, and the incomparable rotational moulding technology, a gem of Italian engineering perfected and adapted to the needs of local customers.



From Italy to India

The Indian branch of the CNH Group asked Simplast Group to intervene and resolve a number of problems regarding the construction of plastic tanks. It is the first time that the Group has been called on to work in India. Following a feasibility study, the groundwork has been laid to set up a production plant able to supply the Indian market directly.



Simplast India Private Limited is established

Vincenzo Lorenzin, founder of Simplast Group, has formalized the incorporation of Simplast India Private Limited. Land has been acquired in Noida, work begins on building the plant and recruiting personnel has began.



Technical training and production start-up

Simplast India's technical staff and workers have began a long period of training, first in Italy and then on site. Rotational moulding is a revolutionary technology for local industry, learning its secrets means replacing old production models with innovative processes and techniques. Towards the end of 2008, Simplast India delivered the first tanks for agricultural machines to CNH.



Exceptional development

Turnover and the number of employees and customers have increased. A second rotational moulding machine has arrived from Italy. Simplast India has been synonymous with quality, attention to details and finishes, and reliable delivery times.”



Robotic line for post-moulding processing

The growth of Simplast India has brought the need to acquire a new machine. A robotic line for processing, finishing and testing rotational moulded articles was built in Italy and has been transported to the site. It was the first machine of this kind to reach India. With this acquisition, a new field of activity and products has opened for the company: it could now supply the industry with a full range of cabin parts for all industrial and construction machines.



A new plant

Simplast India expands: a new warehouse has been acquired in Greater Noida and surveys have began for the building of a new plant in Chennai, in southern India



Towards new markets

Rotational moulding is quickly becoming established in many industrial sectors in Asia, especially in the agricultural machinery and in the building industries.Thanks to its strategic position and the experience of Simplast Group, Simplast India will play a fundamental role in the expansion and conquest of new markets – from an increasingly widespread logistical presence in India to the opening of new plants in Asia and the Far East.